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Act This Way

Race against the clock,

Just killing time.

Got to kick a habit

That's a bit too full of pride

And throwing fists.

I wasn't ready for this.

I've got to get off this ride.

Said I wouldn't come back,

But you couldn't handle that.

Say without you,

I won't amount to jack.

You tip me right off the edge

before I snap,

Saying you were the best

I'll ever have.

I've been waiting for so long.

(You got what you wanted)

All I hear is

"Oh, let me in

From this pouring rain!"

But if I let you in,

You'd just ask to stay.

Promised myself

I wouldn't act this way

Anymore, anymore.

You could scream for days

And for days, and for days.

My dear, my hands are tied

And bound for my own sake.

Promised myself I wouldn't act this way Anymore.


Race against the clock,

Just killing time.

Pocket full of dreams

But you kept

Talking out the place


The sun don't ever shine.

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Play for Keeps

Boiling blood.

A thirst for absolution.

Anticipate the taste of irony

left on my tongue.

The poison in my system

Stripping away.

I see crystal clearly.

For all the memories

Sent to the bottom of our seas

We are all kings and queens,

Not a soul in between.

There's nothing We can't pray to keep.


It's never enough

For me to figure out your name.

It's not enough

just to see your face.

It's all about the stories

We have yet to make

To make us proud

Now (now, now)...

And we can never look back.

(Don't look back)


Ooh, you don't know.

Don't have to be a martyr

All you will do is suffer

No more need

To keep being

Who you needed to be

Just to make ends meet.

There are things we play for keeps.


Things we play...

Things we play for keeps.

Look back

Look back

Never going back

Look back

Look back

Never look back.

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If this ain’t love,

then I don’t know what’s real.

We hit it off so well,

can’t just be sex appeal.

Step back.

Rewind your tracks.

Give your brain a little oxygen,

okay? Relax.

Don’t wanna take it too far, too fast.



everyday we signed our checks.

In debt from the condo we decided to rent

off your living wage job

With your rings and your pulled strings.

I’m so fucked by the way...


You broke my heart

I’m always leaving out the cruelest part.

When I needed you most,

you made me your ghost.

You left me cold, out in the dark.


I always loved

driving her up down 86

Only to find out she’s

just trying to wet your (SHH).

You think that’s bad?

Imagine this:

Sipping coffee at a diner

making friends with your side-bitch,

While everyone else knew but me.



Everyday wasting checks!

Blew my credit score

cuz you couldn’t make our rent

off your living wage job

Take your ring and your puppet strings.

I’m so fucked by the way...


You led me on

I believe you and waited ‘til dawn.

Words are words - words are dust.

There goes our trust.

I’m so fucked, by the way.

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My words are silent.

They are carried upward,

High beyond the clouds.

Haven't you heard?

My tongue, faster than ever.

My voice out of reach.

Until the day, I felt you calling back to me

Trust in me. 

Trust in me now.

You can't stop doubt.

They're the demons in your head.

You can't slay demons with a bullet.

Trust in me. 

Trust in me now.

You can't find peace

But it's all in your head. 

You're my stereo.

Consistent radio.

Rock me to sleep through airwaves,

Guide me through the dark.

You're my stereo.             


I'll take the long way home 

I'm not scared 

to take the long way home.

Your voice grew louder.

Built of strength and coldness.

Your harmonies found mine.


Fighting through the static,

You are out of my reach 

Again, and again.

I'll call you back to me.

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You Can't Phase Me Out

Do you ever get sick

Of playing along?

Force-fed the trends

When you know you won't belong?

Feels like you're stuck on a playlist

Repeating the same old song.

I know what I've heard,

I know what I've seen,

and it's pretty clear,

what I'm not aiming to be.

It's true that first cuts 

do run deep.

But It's not enough to make me scream.

You know me, 

I'll be looking for an open door.

Beyond this rigid fence

There must be something more.

You know I'm so much better

than you'd ever take me for.

Who am I?

I'm the one who jumped

and took bite of the bullet.

I'm never too far behind.

You can take this

as a threat.

It's not like you're the only one

who's got nothing to lose.

You can't phase me.

You can't phase me out.

Were you ever cornered

And there's no way but up?

'cause isolation is 

one hell of a drug.

But I won't polish some apples 

Just to get a couple of hugs.

Can't phase me.

Can't phase me out.

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You Gotta Go

You gotta go.
There's no time to waste now.
You gotta go.

Are you leavin'?
Are you on your way yet?
Remember you told me
To wait for you
back where we first met?
I'm never happy enough.
How do I live,
When I'm like this?
How do I carry myself to bliss?

Would you travel
To get what you want?
For a better future?
Open your eyes.
I know you're tired,
But think of where we'll be.

I stare and all I see are empty walls,
Through empty rooms, down empty halls.
My vision shattered.
And the pieces, they've...
Well, they've never, ever changed.
If I could only pull myself.
If I could lift myself up.
And let it sink in:
I've gotta go.

Am I dreamin'?
Did I fall asleep again?
How long has it been?
Why do I hold on
To a promise kept?
You came but you've gone.
Where did the time go?
I can't keep up.
Don't wait--you won't.
Won't you take me where I need to be?

My breath.
They're leaving my lungs.
Step after step.
Ounce after ounce.
My eyes blurred over

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Carried Away

I've been giving it thought,
decades too long.
Mind over matter
So I can stay strong.
Anyone can claim
They're hand-picked for the call
Of the bonna-fide innovator
Concealed in these walls.

These feet were made to walk for miles and miles.
It's too early for me to stay.

Desiring to hear
What you want me to say.
It takes some kind of nerve...
Some kind of nerve.

(Whoa) desiring to hear
what you want me to say.
(Whoa) was I the one bet
You were willing to make?
You let me take all the shots
Just so you can name your price
It takes a kind of restraint
For me to not get carried away.

Everyone loves progress
But it's hard to brace change.
Too much to keep up with
But no pain no gain.
Your gaze shot past me,
I'm not in your range.
You can't cheat the play,
You don't know your own game.

These feet were made to walk for miles and miles.
They were never meant to lose their ground.

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One of a Kind

Is it strange if I

wonder how you are today?

Thinking about you as I wake up

In the bed where we used to lay.

How you’d whisper in my ear

And hold me tightly with those arms

I’ll never feel again.

Will you bring me back to when


We stood stronger, together?

I know I left you then.

Talking about how we’ll stay friends

Knowing our hearts won’t break and bend.


It may take some time

to break this habit of mine.

Searching for you,

when it was me who drew the line.

I’d give anything to help you realize

We’re one of a kind.

I cannot count

all the nights I stayed out
Hoping you’d come my way.

I’m still cruising through these rose gold hills

Where we used to stay up late,

Believing that we had fear

Of what the universe will give

and take away.

Will you hear me when I say


We had a...

Kind of love - a love that was real.

A love for the lonely times.

I couldn’t see it through.

I’m shaking, I’m shaking,

I’m begging, I’m praying for you.

And I’m screaming like


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